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Booking - Enquiry Form

Please provide the following information. Questions marked with * are essential:-
*Name of Contact Person

Name of Group or Charity (if applicable)

*Mailing address

*Contact telephone number

Contact FAX number

E-mail address if different to the one presently being used

Special offer code (if applicable)

*Route requiring Baggage Transfer. Select from the list below
** A supplementary charge may apply

Tick if any of the following overnight stops are to be used.


*Is this on-line communication a:-

Firm Booking Enquiry/Quotation

*Starting date for Walk / cycle

*Number of transfers required on the walk

*Are the transfers on consecutive days?

Yes No

If NO what is the end transfer date

*Number of Luggage Items to be transferred

If greater please specify


In submitting this Baggage Transfer Enquiry run by Walking Support you acknowledge and accept the conditions of trade as details above.

All invoicing will be through and payments made to our parent company SCSupport Ltd.



If this is a Firm Booking we will send you an e-mail within 2 to 3 working days with attached form requesting name, address, post codes and telephone number of all overnight accommodation. If the transfers are not on consecutive days we will additionally require a listing of overnight dates at each stop.
Additionally we will attach an invoice for your deposit payment which is required for immediate payment to secure the booking. You are then able to select which method of payment you want to use.

If this is an Enquiry/Quotation we will respond by e-mail within 2 to 3 working days with the information.

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General Conditions
The item is defined as a single piece of luggage not exceeding 18kg. If the weight is exceeded Walking Support is entitled to charge a supplement or decline to handle the transfer.
The luggage needs to be available for collection in the morning by 9.15 am and we will have it delivered to the next address by 5.30 pm at latest, but we would hope that this could be in many cases much earlier. Where there are defined earliest pick up times and latest drop off times which fall inside the times detailed above we would hope to accommodate them but the walker/group must advise us of this in advance and seek our assurance that we can comply.
The service operates between Easter and the end of September. Services outside this period will be considered dependent on demand.
The responsibility for insurance of the luggage in transit rests with the individual and not with the carrier. We therefore recommend that you do not include items of value or items that are easily damaged. Walking Support can advise you regarding low cost comprehensive holiday insurance that includes luggage protection.
Prices are as those shown on our website at the time of placing the order.
In the case of large groups special rates can be quoted.
A deposit of 25% of the cost is required at the time of booking. This is non refundable. The balancing sum must be paid in advance of the start date or, with agreement with Walking Support, be available for collection with the bag/s at the first pick-up point.
To assist individuals making payment for any of our services we are able to accept cash, cheque, BACs payments (payable to SCSupport Ltd) or on-line card payment.
Payment Cards

On the latter on-line transaction we require to apply a 3.9% transaction fee to cover our costs of such a money transfer. All payments are to be in (sterling) and where there is an international client with currency transfer costs these have to be carried by the payer along with any payer and payee bank charges.
Payment is through our registered trading business SCSupport Ltd and we will either issue you with an Invoice in advance of payment or a Receipt on receiving the payment. If you are going to pay by on-line card transaction a buy now button on the e-mail invoice will be included, simply click on this and follow the simple payment steps.

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